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Window replacement represents one of the more substantial investments you can make in your home. The replacement of old or under-performing windows can effectively reduce your monthly utility costs and give your home a bit more curb appeal. There are a wide variety of windows replacement options to choose from, including vinyl, storm and custom wood windows as well as bay and bow windows.  With so many choices, you may feel a little overwhelmed. However, you can quickly and easily learn more about your what is available to you and get cost estimates to find the windows replacement options that are perfect for your specific needs.

Simply enter your basic information on the contact form and you will be  contacted by a New Lite Windows replacement professionals. They will discuss what windows replacement materials and styles are available and give you estimates on cost. They will also talk with you about your budget and answer questions you may have. Then you can just choose the windows replacement contractor that is right for you. The best way to get exactly what you are looking for and for the cost you want is to get multiple quotes from qualified windows replacement professionals. You have nothing to loose buy your old drafty windows and high energy bills. Get your free estimates for windows replacement today.

Reasons for Windows Replacement

Homeowners have many different reasons for windows replacement. Some are simply looking to improve their view from both inside and out of their house. A windows replacement job can enhance the interior and exterior beauty of any house by freshening up its look and updating its style. Windows replacement can significantly enhance the look of a house and give it added curb appeal. On the inside of your home, windows replacement can let more natural light, can add to the décor of any room, and improve the view of the outside. It’s amazing how much an upgrade can enhance the view of your own yard or neighborhood.

Others opt for windows replacement for less aesthetic reasons and more functional and cost savings reasons. Some old windows wear down with time, and many do not lock as well and add as much security as needed. Replacement casement style or double hung windows lock securely shut, making your house that much more security and safe.

Many more homeowners are interested in windows replacement to cut down on the cost of energy and make their home much more energy efficient. They also want their windows replaced to eliminate those chilly winter drafts and prevent their cool air from leaking out in the summer. Advancement in materials and installation, such as low e glass and argon gas between panes, can reduce a home’s energy costs by up to 25%.

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Vinyl Window Replacement

More and more people are finding that vinyl replacement windows are right for their home because they are affordable, easy to maintain, greatly cut down on the cost of energy, and are easy to customize. Vinyl window replacement options are the most widely used in the market today for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Offer a wide range of colors and styles
  • Easy to customize
  • Simple and fast installation
  • No need to stain or paint
  • Installation will cut down on the cost of heating and cooling

Energy Efficient

Vinyl replacement windows for your home provide cost savings on energy because of their moderate to high R-values, which means that they resist heat flow. When you are reviewing window replacement options, be sure to look for a high R-value for the most energy cost savings. You will get greater resistance to heat flow with the higher the R-value is, which means the higher the cost savings for you on both the cost of your cooling and heating.

Easy Installation and Affordable

When you are reading reviews to learn about your window replacement options, you will find that vinyl options are among the most affordable. Vinyl offers a wide range of options to find just about any budget. Additionally, installation of your new vinyl windows is quick and easy, which makes the process much more affordable than other window choices, such as custom wood windows.

Custom Windows Made Easy

Vinyl offers a wide range of styles, shapes, colors and sizes, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Vinyl windows also have clean lines and are perfect for old or new homes.

Maintenance Free

Vinyl windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Unlike custom wood windows, these never need to be painted, scraped, or stained. They are also almost completely scratch resistant. Be sure to do your research and read reviews to learn about quality. High quality vinyl windows will not fade or sag quickly. High quality vinyl will stand the test of time and look sharp for many years to come.

Storm Windows Replacement Options

Storm windows as a windows replacement option are an excellent investment in your house because storm windows can lower your energy bills significantly. Some studies have found homeowners savings as high as 30% by choosing to replace their old ones with storm windows. Additionally, storm windows can greatly block noise and protect your prime windows.

Though many homeowners are interested in storm windows to lower their energy bills, they will find that new, energy-efficient window replacement options are extremely expensive. However, by shopping around, reading reviews, comparing prices and considering the cost, you can find storm windows that are right for you. The easiest way to find the best storm windows at the right price is to get free quotes and estimates from professionals. Simply enter your information in the short and easy form above. You will be contacted by contractors who will offer you windows replacement options that are affordable, high quality and attractive.

There are a wide variety of models and materials of storm windows to choose from, such as wood and aluminum or double hung or double pane. Your choices will depend on your original frames, how you plan to use the windows replacement, and your personal style. When choosing your storm windows, you can choose between double hung, double pane, aluminum storm and interior storm. There are seven basic types of storm window, which are as follows:

  • double hung (two track)
  • double hung (triple track)
  • slider
  • picture
  • basement
  • sidelite
  • patio storms

For your windows replacement project, “double glazing” or “double glazed” storm windows may be right for you. Double glazing is also know as double glaze, double pane, or double paned windows. Double paned storm windows are best used for extreme temperatures but can be used in any climate. This method creates an inter-mediated buffer zone between the panes of glass, which provides a better barrier against outside temperatures than a single paned window. Double glazed storm windows have two panes of glass sandwiched together to create a buffer in between. This buffer can either have dead air or be filled with argon, which is a special gas that creates a more efficient buffer. Argon is more effective in creating a buffer than dead air because it better inhibits the passage of heat or cold into your house.

When getting estimates for your windows replacement project, there are a few items you should consider when looking at reviews and considering the cost of storm windows. When choosing a frame finish, you will find the mill finish is your most affordable choice when you compare prices. However, you will want to consider a painted finish to coordinate with your trim for a more complete overall look for your home.

For your windows replacement project, the quality of construction of the storm windows is important and a good indicator of overall quality. The best place to check for the quality of construction is to evaluate the corner joints. Make sure they are strong and air tight, which shows a high quality, easy installation and energy efficient window replacement choice. Also, be sure to evaluate the sash tracks and weather stripping. The primary reason homeowners buy storm windows is because these windows reduce air leakage and give them lower energy costs. Evaluate the weather stripping and the depth of the sash tracks, which are the metal grooves on the side of the storm windows. The sash tracks and weather stripping are directly responsible for how well your storm windows perform for your window replacement project.

Wood Windows Replacement Considerations

Regardless of all the new windows replacement options for homeowners, standard and custom wood windows remain a popular choice. Standard and custom wood windows offer an attractive look and the frames have exceptional naturally insulating qualities. However, since houses do loose a large portion of their heat and cool air through their windows, it is important to have standard or custom wood frames that are thermally non-conductive.

There are many benefits to choosing wood frames for your windows replacement project, such as the following, like Wood has insulating qualities that are natural to the material. Also modern weather stripping and hardware can be used to improve insulation while maintaining the visual appeal of traditional wood frames.

Many windows replacement manufacturers have a wide variety of paint colors to choose from for your standard or custom wood windows. You can also buy pre-primed regular or custom wood windows that can be painted any color you choose. Additionally, this is not permanent as you can completely change the look of your entire house with a simple coat of paint. You can choose custom wood windows replacement frames for any style of home. Custom wood windows can be used for new houses if the homeowner prefers a traditional look, or for the renovation of an old landmark house, or to maintain the integrity of a traditional home.

Regular and custom wood windows replacement options are attractive and can be affordable, but there are some drawbacks.
Because wood is natural, it does require continual maintenance so the wood does not rot and the paint is fresh. Wood is more vulnerable to the elements, such as sunlight and moisture, than other more modern materials. Wood rots, shrinks and swells and must be cared for to maintain their value, beauty and effectiveness. The frames of regular or custom wood windows must be repainted occasionally to maintain their appearance.

Wood windows replacement frames will generally cost more than other materials such as aluminum or vinyl. You will want to buy high quality wood windows so they do not warp or twist. You will also need high quality hardware and locks. When you compare the cost of wood window replacement options and other materials, be sure to also factor in the maintenance cost as well.

To learn more about your wood windows replacement options and get free online estimates on cost, fill in the basic form above. You’ll be contacted by professionals who can answer your questions and discuss your options. Learn more about wood windows replacement options for your home.

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